Confiant Secures $4.1M For its Ad Security Solution


23 May 2019

In 2019, global ad spending is estimated to reach an approximated $50B, making it a prime target for unscrupulous behavior. As the adtech stack becomes more and more accessible to the masses, the risk of fraudulent activity increases as well. Confiant is the advertising security company that not only detects and but also actively blocks malicious ad activity. It’s the first of its kind to detect real-time malicious activity for advertisements, providing protection for desktop, mobile, and video ads.  As the more ad dollars flow into the programmatic ecosystem, Confiant is ensuring that these dollars are being spent efficiently while protecting the reputation of the publishing industry.

AlleyWatch sat down with Confiant cofounder and CEO Louis-David (LD) Mangin to learn more about the company’s proprietary technology, future plans, and latest round of funding.

Who were your investors and how much did you raise?

$4.1M Series A. This was Confiant’s first equity round and it was raised from a mix of new investors (Rubicon Venture Capital and River Bay Investments) and existing angels.

Tell us about the product or service that Confiant offers.

Confiant is an advertising security company born from the recognition that the world’s most sophisticated advertisers aren’t Verizon or P&G, but criminals using the industry for their own selfish ends. These criminals are hijacking programmatic advertising and giving publishers a bad name.

Confiant protects publishers’ and platforms’ reputations, revenue, and resources with always-on anti-malware software that provides protection for desktop, mobile, and video ads. Our sole focus is on helping advertising platforms and publishers rid the world of malware. This focus enables us to evolve quickly and meet our clients’ needs for defeating the bad actors trying to undermine the industry.

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