Forced redirects now. What's next?

By David Lim

27 May 2020


Back in January, our research team uncovered a threat actor, we labeled as FizzCore, who didn't rely on the typical forced redirect malvertising attack but implemented a new technique able to successfully evade ad quality reviews and abuse ad tech to net $1MM in 1 day. They built well-planned celebrity endorsement clickbait campaigns, targeted cryptocurrency investors to get them to invest in what looked like a legitimate Bitcoin opportunity.

Since identifying this new type of attack, we've reported and seen it come up several times to the point where our CTO, Jerome Dangu expects it to be the next evolution in malvertising. 

Jerome dives deeper into this new phase of malvertising and the state of bitcoin scam ads in the video. 

Watch the full webinar below: 

The state of bitcoin scams ads

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